Books are Good.

2004/01/06 18:15:00

Joined Sheffield Library today and took out Tony Buzan, Master your memory. I was thinking about buying it but I have so many books that I have only read for about a couple of weeks then discarded so I thought that I would make a special effort and get one book out at a time an read it cover to cover! Might do me some good to actually finish one.

A library is just like a big book shop but you can take the books home for free. (Watch out for the 8p fines though)

Had lunch in the The Winter Gardens in town and it’s really starting to look nice in there now that the plants have had time to settle in. The building itself is amazing those huge wooden arches supporting all that glass. It’s all very organic looking. When you get down to the detail you can see that it’s also built to move, the huge struts sit in massive hinges at their base, the glass at the ends is supported separately and a large flexible seal pushes in from the end arch. Splendid. Sheffield is finally a city on the move, with the revamp of the area in front of the Station and the new John Lewis area down by the Moore its going to be a new city in a couple of years.

Lunch was at the cafe in the Winter gardens I think that it is called Zoobies. It does some really nice sandwiches, Fairtrade coffee and Tea, and loads of organic drinks and snacks. Then you can sit in the peace and warmth of the gardens and have lunch. I shall be back there soon I think.

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