Chatting around the world.

2004/01/06 11:02:00

Had a mass chat session on jabber last night, with Kaff, Ho, Lisa, Rob and Winnie. It was quite good to have a chat room going and also some private conversations going as well. We had a few strangers poping in now and again and at the end when it was just Ho and myself left a 15 year old yank girl came in. Ho and I got scared of pending law suits so the conversation was limited to say the least!

I think that now we all have broadband at home it makes it all easier, I am going to look at intergrating it into freevo in some way so that perhaps incoming conversations could be flagged up in the interface then you could use a second monitor and keyboard to do the actual messaging. Might invest in a PCI graphics card and LCD for the box down stairs. Then again might save up for a Mini-ITX silent PC to replace the very noisy Dual celeron that is currently there.

I think that I might setup the laptop downstairs to run a GPRS connection so that Sarah can join in of an night. Should not use much bandwidth. I have setup ntop to monitor the traffic and get an idea of costs. If I setup a firewall to just allow that and email and web that should keep the traffic to a minimum. Turn off pictures in the browser etc. Also need to look at ppp stats app so that she can check how much she has transfered.

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