At last sony have woken up.

2004/01/12 20:38:00

The BBC have an article talking about the New higher capacity 1Gb Mini-disks, but is it to little to late?

I have had a mini-disk for years now ‘97 I think and it’s a great format but it has been held back for two main reasons. Firstly it is controlled by Sony so that people have to pay them to make disks and players. This was of course done because of the problems that Sony Music had with people being able to copy music. And secondly there is no PC version. There was a Net-MD earlier but it was just for uploading music. There was even a rumour about a MD PC drive to replace the floppy in Japan, but it never happened. The MD is an amazing format just the right size and in a protective case so that you don’t have to worry about scratching or dropping them.

Sony has now decided to release it’s long awaited 1Gb disk and allow the storage of data to them. I have a dream that these will just plug in to the USB port (USB 2 of course) and pop up as a normal HDD and allow you to store any info to them and later internal IDE versions and Fire-wire data only versions will be released. How about MD video cameras? 1Gb is about 50mins of broadcast quality or over 90mins of MPEG-data. Still this is Sony so no doubt things will be a little diffirent.

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