A brief history of everything.

2004/01/13 11:20:00

Well after my desktop machine here at work refused to boot up yesterday, complaining about RF-ID has been changed, I have installed a new machine and a very clean install. I have of course installed Debian and running mostly testing but with the gnome packages from unstable as the ones in testing are a bit old. I used an old stable installer and upgraded to testing when I had the network setup. Credits to the debian developers this Just Worked(TM).

I have also taken this opportunity to move my home directory into version control as mentioned by Joey Hess about hiscvs homedir. I have chosen subversion as I think that it’s a really nice and simple one to use.

So far so good, after a lot of playing with ignores I have got it settled in I think and so in the future I will reap the benifits.

I have aslo setup my desktop to be my home dir so that I am forced to keep things a bit tider. You can do this by setting


in gconf-editor then restating nautilus.

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