Another option for photos

2004/01/13 14:34:00

After thinking before that I wanted a Sony DSC-U60 I have been having a look at other options and I like the idea of a point a shoot waerproof camera. I have also found the Pentax Optio 33WR which is small and water resistant. It’s a better camera with 3.2 mega pixels and a zoom but it does take a bit longer to work, due mostly to it having an autoficus rather than a fixed focus. At the moment the Sony still has the lead because I want it to be as simple and as fast as possiable and there are no moving parts to go wrong, zoom lenses etc. The Sony is also waterproof, with o-rings for the card and battery slots, rather than splash resistant like the pentax. Good for those comedy surfing shots in the summer.

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