Backing up wordpress.

2004/01/15 14:01:00

I have seen a few documents about how to backup the wordpress database but most of them seem overly complex or not quite what I want. I managed to get the command below to backup my db from the phpmyadmin site that I have at my ISP. It will do for now as a general backup of the important stuff. It requires no knowledge of the db and all the table structure as well. This should be the simplist to restore. I will try a restore at home when I get a chance and setup a script to do it regularly.

wget -O /tmp/sqlbackup.sql.bz2 –http-user=XXXXXX –http-pass=XXXXXX “http://remote_host/phpmyadmin/export.php?what=sql&lang=en-iso-8859-1&server=1&export_type=server&db_select[]=databasename&asfile=sendit&filename_template=__SERVER__&sql_data=data&sql_structure=structure&compression=bzip”

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