Bang goes the Astra.

2004/02/06 11:50:00

Sarah had a small disagreement with a dry stone wall on Wednesday in the Astra. Luckly she is fine but the Astra is not so fine. It happened on the way back from work, dark, wet, tired and mind on other things I think that she just did not quite make it round the corner. Could have been any number of factors that caused it but in the end no real harm done. A local policeman came out and say with her till the AA brought her home.

Next onto the insurance companies…

I phoned them not long after Sarah phoned me and expected them to be very helpful with our situation and sort out transport and removal of the car just like it says on the website. But I suppose I have just got too used to being in Brekenridge where people bend over backwards to help you. All she wanted to do was get my details down and send out a form in the post. Luckly the AA were on hand and after some confusion over our cover they sent out a very nice man who brought both Sarah and the Astra home. I wonder when Dogtag travel insurance are going to move into car insurance?

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