SLBC at Bar 101

2004/02/11 12:38:00

Went to see Paul’s gig at Bar 101 in Sheffield on Monday. Pretty good I like the funky new sounding SLBC I think that Copper has added in some interesting additions to the sound making it more funky.

Bar 101 is in a pretty dodgy end of town and I was a little concerned when there were three shifty looking bouncers on the door. Once inside it was all fine, the gig was held in a function room upstairs which lacked a little atmosphere but with the addittion of some whirly lights and a projector it was not that bad.

I tried to take some photos of the gig but with the flash they looked a bit stale and without you can’t really see what is going on. I really needed a gentle floodlight to try to up the lighting from the front a bit! Still some look kinda arty.

Had a chat to the bar owner at the end of the night and apparently he has kids with guns down thier trousers coming to his speed garage night so I may give that a miss!

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