More houses more monies.

2004/02/16 13:47:00

We did a bit more house hunting this weekend, too small, too expensive, too sold. But what’s this, a very nice three bedder only ten years old not a bad garden, very tidy inside. Oh what a chaff area just down the road. Hmm but the area that the house is in is nice just the surrounding area that you have to drive through to get there. In the end we feel that they were asking too much for that house so we may put in an offer about 8K below the asking price and see what happens. I am sure we can do better.

We have another booked for tonight and although the front looks a bit ugly it has nice views and is in a villiage which is nice. Won’t really know until we get inside but I have my suspissions about the chaff looking extension. It is just peeping over the top end of our budget so it will have to be pretty special!

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