And so the process begins.

2004/02/19 12:42:00

We have engaged (is that the correct word? I like it anyway) the services of a local solicitor and booked up to see the mortgage broker as well as another viewing.

Solicitors were all offering about the same service for about the same price, except for blundells who had a no win no fee policy and a totally fixed price ( I am sure they have a getout they are solicitors after all) and charged an extra £70 for very little extra. So we went with the one that sounded the most switched on on the phone. and was fairly local to work so that I can go up and drop things off or pick them up.

We found out today that next door are planning an extension the estate agent was a little hazy on the details like which neighbour it was but we think that we have worked out that it is the seperate house and they are planning to build down the side on the so called drive! We don’t think that it will be a problem as it’s only one of the bathroom windows that looks out that way and we have a drive between us anyway.

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