Rss for the lads

2004/02/26 00:18:00

After talking with Rob about the possiablity of getting a central weblog site setup for us all to use as a big group I decided to have a play with some stuff and to that end…

Ho and Rob you will be most pleased I am sure to find that you both now have rss feeds! After some messing about with the python rss module I have managed to scrape all the stories off your sites and put them into not bad rss feeds. RSS is like a summary of the stories on your diary’s or logs in a recognised format so that aggregators can understand it. This means that with something like bloglines we should be able to create a central site to bring all our ramblings together and even get updates when sombody writes a new story! At the moment they are in the wrong order but as more stories are added then they will be added by date.

I will automate the uploading as soon as Ho has blocked my IP address from his hit counter as other wise he may get the wrong idea about how popular he is! (Most good hit counters count the number of individual IP addresses rather than every page load so I may just start it and that’ll learn ‘im)

So you can find them on the bigjag site: wesawthepoint, hottuna You may want to have a look through and tell me what you want for the titles and descriptions of your logs.

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