Smart Snow that.

2004/02/27 23:06:00

Got up this morning and heard the cars going past and it sounded like it was raining as so as I was pretty tired last night switched off the alarm and rolled over. An hour or so later and the sun was shining through my window which immediately cheered me up a bit. So I got up and on the way to the shower I had my usual look out of the window at our little garden and to my happy surprise it was covered in snow. So it had gone from what I thought was a raining dull morning to a sunny snowy one! To honor this I skipped the shower and went straight for breakfast instead. I got all excited and took some photos of the snow as well. After a leisurely breakfast and some fine coffee I had my shower, dressed and headed for the car. As there was fresh powder I grabbed my BigTruck hoody that I got in Breckenridge as I went out the door.

This is perfect weather for the smart, I cranked on the heated seats dropped the roof and headed off to work. With the wind in my hair and snow blowing in off the folded roof behind me it was a super drive in. Did some testing of the traction control as well and I now have a lot more respect for the system. I used to think that it was just an on and off affair but today it put a lot more control into it. As I pulled out of that snowy bus stop I put my foot to the floor and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree but the smart pulled away in total control, slowly at first then as we left the snow at full pelt. Nice!

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