Scuttlebutt: February 2004 Archives

2004/03/02 10:30:00

I have been reading through some small bits of a posting about how to write on the web and it started me thinking about why I am keeping this log. I started it I think because I quite liked the technology and wanted to try it out! I told nobody that I was doing it and just started to log events in my life and ideas that I have. I wanted somewhere to record things like holidays and events to link off to interesting websites, to talk about things that I was working on and to share any knowledge I had gained. But at then end of the day it’s is more for my personal reference than anything else. I did have this idea that with all my friends so far away that it would be quite a good way to keep in touch and share things that we are intested in and to a certian extent that has worked, Ho and Rob have also started something similar and I have had a couple of comments from random people. I want to add something more origional to my site so I may try to add some more of my random thinking and also some of my photos which I am trying to spend more time on.

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