The big three oh

2004/03/30 14:29:00

Well I passed the big three oh with out any problems. In fact it was splendid, starting with breakfast in bed then, presents and cards. Then it was over to Joe’s for a small gathering to celebrate all our birthdays. With curry and much ale, we all had a splendid time ( Excluding the purple aftershocks! ). It was a nice group of friends gathered together. Some photos to follow shortly.

Presents: Load’s of ‘em. TV Ping-pong, a sort of upgrade to TV tennis with real bats. Bopit Extreme II, Simon says gone mad. NetGem i-player, more on that later. T-shirt, jumper and belt of fine billabong-ness. And more.

Do I feel any older? Well no not really, unless you Analise it a lot I don’t think that I feel any older. It’s strange because I must be changing and I am certainly doing things differently now that I used to, but I don’t really consider that I am older. I suppose the main diffirence is now that I think of 30 as really young where ten years ago I may of thought of it as starting to get old. As Mum put it I am only half as old as Dad so that is OK!

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