Been a while.

2004/04/13 12:49:00

Well it’s been a while since I was last here. I have thought of a lot of things to write over the last couple of weeks but really lacking in motivation.

It’s all stop now, we rushed like mad to get it all ready for the bank holiday weekend as the vendors had asked. Then they phoned to say they had just got the survey back on the place they were going to buy (only took them six weeks!) and there were some problems. The upshot of it all is that they can afford to buy the house and do the repairs and the idiot that is selling it is not going to shift on the price. On the plus side they have found another place and have had an offer accepted. We now have another three to six week wait for all the surveys and searches to be completed. There is no chain involved beyond the three of us so we are hopeful that it should not take to long.

They have started to do some barrier replacements on the main road into Sheffield. Good: They move the cones out of the way during rush hour. Bad: They have approx 2 to 5 people working most of the time!

Well the summer is starting, the sun is out more and stays up longer. Time to dust off the camping gear and head south. Fun and japes to be had by all, I can’t wait. Rob and Jamie went down to Newquay this weekend and we were really jealous. We should book up with Guy soon or we will be looking for a new venue! I just want to get away with some good friends and forget all this house rubbish.

Ever wanted to have a go at installing Linux?

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