Reduced books for easy consumption.

2004/05/03 21:48:00

Last weekend saw a small outing to Wourster along with, Ho, Kaff, Martin, Jamie, Rob, Duncan, Sarah and myself. The main event being The Reduced Shakespeare Company. doing all the great books. It was superb I have to say. They have a very laidback style to thier comedy and it works well with the audiance. It may have been more relaxed as it was a matine, as Kaff pointed out, but they did appear to be ad-libbing a lot of the time. Highly recommended for all.

After the culture we went for a very nice meal in a resteraunt called saffrons bistro. A splendid affair with fine food, wine and above all company. Much chatting and fun. There were many discussions about what makes and army or collective and who is part of it. It was like some sort of school gang discussion but in then end I think that we decided that almost anybody could be in as long as they were nice.

We had a stop in the park and a pint in the sun before the meal watching the locals play in the fountain or fight over girls, we had a couple more ales after the meal at one of the fine local nightspots and talked the world back in to shape. Met Savage as well which was a bit of a suprise. A splendid, relaxed yet fun kinda day.

Sunday was just as it should be, candy-floss for breakfast then off to the park for some kickboarding and excessive amounts of food.

All in all a fine weekend, the sort of which that is only possiable with good friends.

I will have a kickboard.

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