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2004/05/13 12:19:00

We went to see Shaun of the dead last night and it was probably the best film that I have seen is a long while. The tag line that has been banded about is that it is a Romantic Zombie Comedy or Rom-Zom-Com, and that is exactly right. It has all the right bit from all of those genres. The Romance is the usual girl dumps boy, and boy wins her back stuff but the extra twists added by the comedy and zombies make it not sickly at all.
In the first few moments it could have been another episode of Spaced, same characters, same interactions and I think possiably the same pub. But as the film progressed and more charachters, mostly played by the cream of current British comedy, were intruduced the film developed into a classic. It was just as a zombie movie should be, with propper zombies, graphic mutilations and just the correct amount of comedy to keep it all moving along, aided by a large helping of Queen tracks and a lot of corny song references.
If you have not seen it already then book up now as your friends have probably snuck out and seen it on thier own.

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