Stereos in and I have arrived.

2004/06/09 21:23:00

In all the past moves that I have done I always get the stereo up and running to entertain while I unpack the rest of the junk. This time it has been totally diffirent, if you discount plugging in the DAB radio before we moved anything else in, we have been in for weeks and I have just setup the stereo. Have things changed? I was asking myself. I don’t really think so and this is influenced by two main factors. Number one, I was not happy with either of the rooms downstairs for the stereo, one having wooden floors and the other being a bit of an odd shape. Number two that I have not been using the stereo much in the old house, neighbour problems and busted CD player not helping.

NP: The fool on the hill, Sergio Mendes

Today on the train home from Manchester it came to me in a blinding flash. The second bedroom is perfect for this. It’s big, it’s carpeted and there will be loads of space when all that junk is unpacked. So I now have probably the most expensive set of computer speakers in existance. I still have to tackle the hum of the computers but that is on my list as is now a much better sound card!

NP: Attitude, Sepultura

Sometimes I forget why I like my stereo so much, it’s not just that I spent a lot of time getting something that I really liked the sound of, it’s that you can really loose yourself in the sound that is produced, with every note and nuance filling the room it really feel like they are there with you.

NP: Leash Called Love Tony Humphri, The Sugarcubes.

There is a lot to be said for random play!

To top it all off the sun is going down in splendid style
Sound Sunset

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