Got Gmail

2004/06/16 14:39:00

Get me a Gmail account courtsey of Helen, it’s invites only you know! Funny how you just trust google because they have been doing the “Right Thing”(TM) till now. I like all the ideas behind it and if it really works then I can see this taking over for all sorts of storage. I can see things like contact’s and diary, then sharing the above. Then there will probably be a sync for you palm or phone. Before you know it MS will be in tiz because everybody is going to Apple for thier music and google for thier data and nobody is paying for outdated buggy software when all they need is a decent browser/thin client.

Will the internet be the new desktop? (And other profound questions)

How long before there is a gmail plugin for evolution?

PS. Most origional title me thinks!
PPS. It’s choffee at dontputthisbitin gmail dot com. I dont wan’t any spam thankyou.

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