Crazy idea No. 56456

2004/07/06 14:41:00

By adding an RF-ID to all your belongings and then adding scanners on all door’s and hidy holes then you could always find what you are looking for!

Just imagine the scenario. You buy a spangly new widget, use it for a week then get distracted by some blinken lights elsewhere. A couple of weeks later and you have no idea where it is. No problem, when you got this new widget you attached an RF-ID tag and logged it into the computer. Now pop up a search at the nearest console, all new toys in the last month, click on it and it lets you know where in the house it is! Then as people start to add RF-ID’s to all the things that you buy you won’t even have to add them in!

Note: Might need to be able to hide some on a per person basis for present hiding!

Super I shall get the scientist working on the technology forthwith.

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