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2004/07/06 23:01:00

After some more consideration and looking at things I have gone with the server playing mp3s. Using the SoundBlaster card and about 10m of phono lead gives a very bassey sound but not bad. Next on the list is some silent computers but that is a whole other entry.

You are all shouting out now in unison now I know. What are you using to play the music John? Well I will put you out of your misery. It’s a small app called mserv. After a little research it applied to the UNIX in me. How was it to setup? your almost deafening cry comes now I am sure. Well let me take you through it.

#apt-get install mserv -y
… put in my mp3 directory into the setup question

We are off. That’s it. If you ever wonder why I use Debian then the above install and setup goes a long way to explain it. Then comes the fun part and perhaps those of a WIMPy disposition should look away now. To drive it you telnet to port 4444 on the host. Then you get greeted by the following

Connected to somehost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
200 Mserv 0.35 (c) James Ponder 1999-2003 - Type: USER

After a couple of guesses I got the help screen listing all the command strings then I was off. It’s super geeky interface just entertains me. Typing volume +5, asearch reed and queue 158 to turn up the volume by 5% then find all the albums with reed in and add album 158 to the queue. I am sure that in time I will move on for the novlty but at the moment I am lapping it up.

Next I am looking at some security, I mean who uses telnet now? Then there is mention of a web interface!

PS. According to the Steve at the little pink shop there is Small tourist wave on the high tide today in Croyde. Bloody tourists!

NP: Rolf Harris Nick Teen & Al K. Hall 3:45

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