2004/07/20 15:47:00

I had a cracking idea in the thinking room today. We are all told that leaving things on standby is bad, bad, bad. We are all very lazy and don’t want to do reach for the switch to power things off.
Step in the StandbySaver(TM). It’s a small box that has a solar panel on top and two mains cables coming out the back, one with a plug and one with a socket on. You plug this in between your TV and the mains plug and you are off.
Setup: Press the setup button on the back and both the green and red led’s come on. Press the power button on your TV remote and both start flashing. Press a spare or little used button on the remote and they go off. You are now ready to use.
Press the power button on the remote the red light will come on and power will flow to the TV, you may now use your TV as usual. After an hour with out a remote press the red light will flash and the box will bleep and if after 10 seconds there has been no more remote usage then the power to the TV is turned off. Pressing the spare or little used button on the remote will turn on the green light and so the power will stay on until you press the button again, useful for movies and video recordings.
The solar panel is used to charge the device when off so that there is no mains used. There should be enough power to run a small PIC and IR receiver.

An alternative would be to measure the current to the TV when it drops to standby levels then turn off the power!

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