Passing by…

2004/08/18 23:22:00

Things just have a habit of passing by.

Went to Ireland with Ray, Abbi, Olivia, Joe, and Helen. Had a superb time in the remote south west. Nice friends count for a lot!

Everybody came up from down south and we had a sort of southern house warming/Duncan’s birthday/Cake bake-off. Plus a bonus trip to Magna. B-Boys were in the house and a good time was had by all. Felt a bit empty when everybody had left. Still not long till we get that Lido/Card shop/Brewery/Blacksmiths/Collective.

Work is not that interesting and I am not to sure how to correct that. I think that I want to work for a more dynamic company where people want to do interesting stuff rather than just minimising risks and looking for other people to blame. The sort of things that I am interested in don’t really fit into the current thinking. I keep trying to push open standards and a more self reliant form of computing but everybody is flat out supporting systems that we have paid a fortune for but don’t work.

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