Gonna get me a drill and make some holes.

2004/08/20 12:48:00

I currently have a nice little hand drill and a cordless drill that I got free with a portable phone.

We put up a medicine cabinet and some shelves in the bathroom and I had to push so hard to get the drill into the wall that the chuck has started to wobble! So I have come to the conclusion that I need a new drill that is a bit more up to the job.

Then comes the tricky bit, which one? Do I invest in DeWalt Cordless 18V Drill for over £250 or go for the £11 Clarke corded hammer drill from Machine Mart! Part of me says go for a corded one, though perhaps a bit better than the £11, in order to get maximum power, and keep the current cordless one as it does okay on most wood jobs. But there is another part of me that says invest in a decent battery drill that will do it all ( again perhaps not the £250 DeWalt). I think that the cordless one would be the easiest to use in most cases but I am not to sure if it would have the power to drill through walls! Any thoughts?

Current Contenders:

* DeWalt DW988K2 - £260

* Black and Decker HP188F2B - £80

* Clarke CHD 490 £11

* Bosch PSB X-cel Hammer Drill 1010W - £100

There a loads of others out there and I am open to suggestions at this stage.

Oh yes and are there such a things as Fairtrade power tools?

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