Where does music come from daddy?

2004/09/03 15:27:00

So Oxfam have launched their own music download site, 10p of each track you buy goes to them. Tracks cost around 80p. Not bad on the feel good factor but they are still about twice the price they should be. If I buy a CD I get a box, something to read, a really good quality copy (Depending on the CD!) and the ability to play it anywhere and in any way I choose. Online for nearly the same money I get a poor quality WMA file that I can’t play on anything but my Windows PC (Assuming that you have a windows PC to download it in the first place). I did think about buying some tracks playing them on a Windows PC through the Digital out to another PC then encoding them to something nice like Ogg but you still start off with WMA encoding. I wrote to Oxfam and they basically said biggest market share and record companies made us do it. So I am going back to a combination of irate or gnomoradio, DAB radio and CDs.

There was an interesting comment on slashdot where somebody asked if he could donate his downloaded tracks back to his local Oxfam shop when he was done with them like he does with his CDs and Tapes

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