Stop that, it’ll make you go blind.

2004/09/07 15:30:00

I have been cutting down on a few things lately, for no particular reason. Firstly I used to eat at least one chocolate bar a day, a snickers with lunch or a kit-kat in the afternoon. Well they are all gone now and I have set myself up to no longer buy any chocolate bars unless they are fair-trade. This benefits others as well as me! The second is chicken. This is a more interesting one as I have cut out all chicken that is not free range or organic. I have seen one to many documentaries about the scary chemicals that they feed these poor buggers and I reckon that it can’t be doing me any favours. I have not been as strict as others might, if I am given chocolate or chicken then that’s no problem and on long car journeys it a free for all on chocolate.
I have noticed a couple of things after all this, if you try hard enough you can always find some fair-trade chocolate and most sandwiches have chicken in them!!!

For those of you worried that Sarah is turning me to the dark side (or should that be the pale side?) I am just moving on to the finer meats and chocolates not cutting it out all together!

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