Comment Spam

2004/10/29 15:05:00

Today I have been getting loads of spam in my comments. I have deleted all that I can see but if you find some then please drop me a line.They are coming from all over the place rather than a fixed ip address.

This reminds me of a discussion I read the other day where somebody was suggesting that it would be okay to break into the computer that is sending spam and install the relevant security fixes so that people can’t spam anymore. Sort of a good virus. Then I thought why not write one that after a week of spreading itself installs the latest service pack and closes all the holes.

Still if the twats would stop buying the rubbish that these people are peddling then this would all just go away.

Update: I have just deleted over 900 comments from my website!!! Still lucky that it’s all in mySQL and they all used the same email address so it took me just a matter of seconds!

Deleted rows: 931 (Query took 0.0997 sec)

I have tunrned on moderation so at least you wont have to see them when they appear. This means that your comments wont appear straight away. Still it’s better than no comments.

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