With more aliases than Klaus Barbie the master butcher of Leigh-on-Sea

2004/11/09 22:46:00

Here’s one we can all play. Put your jukebox, ipod, music player on random over all your music. Then write down the next five tracks it plays for all to see. Here goes…

Purple Rain - Prince - The Hits CD2
Pallas Athena - David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise
Ponderosa - Tricky - Maxinquaye
To Be in Love - Maw Pres. India - Bar Culture
4 - Nicotines - Q

Don’t know what that says about my collection really. Still I have been listening to random mode quite a bit recently and it sure digs out some of the more wierd songs from your collection that you might not search out in a hurry. Very entertaining to hear it jump from genre to genre so quickly.

And rember, no cheating now just put in what you get.

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