comment spam update

2004/11/10 17:01:00

I am still getting loads of comment spam as I mentioned the other day but it is getting caught in the moderation interface. Moderation sucks because I am sure to delete real comments by accident.

After reading a bit on wordpress I have hacked the comment code a bit so that it should confuse spammers enough to stop the automated spam for now. If I have no more spam over the next 24hrs then I will stop the moderation of all comments and posts will appear as you post them.

Eventually I hope that there will be a complete solution available for worpress but until then I will try to keep this site as open as possible and free from spam. So comment away, it’s nice to know you are reading!!

I found a thread in the wordpress forums about tackling spam in wordpress and based my hacking on this so I am not really that clever but I know enough to know what to copy!!

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