Travel Options

2004/11/25 00:23:00

Two people traveling from Sheffeild to Colchester one way in the UK on a budget.

Train - 4.5 hours with 3 changes - £98
Train - 4 hours with 1 change and tube ride - £110

Car - Including the return journey @ 43p/mile - £154
Car - Including the return journey @ just fuel - £30

Car - Rental ~ £50, Fuel ~ £40 - £90

So it is cheapest to rent a nice Golf of Focus than to drive your own or take the train!

Note: I would recon that the smart would cost somewhere between the £30 and £154 figures above probably putting it in the £90 range. But we would have to drive both ways.
Note2: How about the coach I hear you cry. Well the only option leaves at 12.15pm and we would arrive in Colchester at 9.45pm. At that point I did not look into the price!
Note3: Bike? If you could do a solid 10mph average that would be 18Hours!
Note4: Plane? It would cost more to travel to and from the airports than the flights but in total way to much. Anyway just think of the environment!
Note5: Ferry? I don’t know if there are any sailings from Liverpool to Harwich but even if there were I don’t think it would be that pratical.
Note6: Little Nelly? Gyroplane now you are talking…

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