Jabber through your proxy.

2004/12/23 15:17:00

“jabber.org.uk”:http://www.jabber.org.uk/ now run a jabber server on port 443.

In english…

You can now use your “jabber”:http://www.jabber.org/ “IM client”:http://gaim.sf.net/ behind web proxies that block the normal jabber port range. Just set you client to use your normal web proxy then set the port in your account settings to 443. Sorted. You see jabber looks very like a long web connection and so by using the same port as a secure web connection your proxy should let you through with no problems. And as an added bonus you can set it up with an SSL encrypted connection so that nobody can read your messages as they go to the server. (Note, this only applies from you to the server after that they may well be in plain text.)

A nice feature for the clients now would be if they are using a “web proxy”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server and get an access denied message back for port 5222 then give port 443 a try automatically.

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