The PC is dead

2005/01/11 13:19:00

It is common at the moment to reflect on the last year and make some predictions for the next 12 months so never one to split from the trend here goes.

I spend a lot of my time fiddling with PCs or servers. This is not going to last much longer. My mobile phone will soon take over for all the communication aspects. For things like email, IM voice, video will be based around my phone, this may mean that when I am at my PC it will allow another interface but most of this sort of stuff will be managed from my phone.

SMS will die. At last. 10p per 256byte message ~ £4 per Mb. ( Send the word “yes” lets call it 10 bytes in total ~ £100 per Mb!!) bring on the IM Client.

I will store my data at a remote location on the Internet. My mp3 collection will be a set of references to tracks that I own in a central server. My TV will be more of a media station allowing me to access all my media, including streaming TV and movies. More of my devices will be for one purpose but connecting back to central servers either at home or on the internet. Will “IPv6″: finally take off?

We will give up more of our rights to “privacy and ownership”: . DRM will sneak into most peoples lives and they will accept that even though they own a copy of a music track if they want to listen to it in the car they will have to buy it again. The movie and record companies will continue to insist that it is piracy that is killing their industry and not crappy content. ( When there are more ringtones than CD Singles sold then somebody has got it wrong! )

“VoIP”: will shake up the teleco’s more than they can cope with. With the revenue gone from calls they will all have to look elsewhere for making some cash!

Britian will chose profit and votes over making a diffirence to “world poverty”: .

Well that’s my prediction for 2006.

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