Wait Watchers

2005/02/01 00:13:00

Had me a mighty fine fry up tonight, some “free range bacon”:http://www.duchyoriginals.com/meat_bacon_free.htm and “eggs”:http://www.yorkshirefarmhouse.co.uk/ , organic baked beans and some fried bread. The only slightly disapointing part was the fried bread. Note for future: Weight Watchers sliced white bread does not fry up well! Perhaps the “E472e”:http://www.bryngollie.freeserve.co.uk/E472e.ht and “E471″:http://www.bryngollie.freeserve.co.uk/E471.htm or maybe even the Calcium Proplonate has something to do with it! Or perhaps there is a secret ingredient designed to make sure that you can’t have a nice bit of fried bread and so cut down you calorie intake.

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