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2005/02/10 13:47:00

On “Russell Beattie’s site” , he “talks about the new Xdrive”: application that allows you to store music on a web server then stream it to any device that you choose.

“Xdrive”: and services like that are going to be massive very soon. Although I think it will be a hybrid solution with a phone with say 5Gb of data storage and some clever software in between to cope with breaks in coverage, then it will only be a matter of time before they start to add in subscriptions so that you have virtual files like TV programs or movies. Then, when we are all used to that, all our information will be moved to external storage areas, contacts, communications, etc.

Google, Apple, MS will all be doing this very soon. We just have to pick which big profit driven business we want to hold all of our data with! I think for now I will stick with me until somebody like the “Co-op”: for Internet storage gets going.

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