Rencoding DVB to smaller files using mencoder.

2005/04/25 23:08:00

I recently got annoyed with not being able to play my freevo recording on the TV downstairs. So I now convert all my recordings using the cmd below, with BITR=1100. Now my iplayer can download the files across the Wireless lan with out runnning out of bandwidth on the USB connection. Still not perfect but much more confortable for watching TV! Good picture quality, but no FF or REW due to being downloaded via ftp!

mencoder $srcfile  -o $outfile 
          -oac copy -ovc lavc -vf scale=480:-2,harddup -lavcopts 
          vcodec=mpeg2video:vbitrate=$BITR -of mpeg

This command is not to CPU intensive, lets me do about 11fps on my VIA 800Mhz, but allows enough of a drop in bandwith while still maintaing quality.

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