Some be testin’, keeping ‘em guessing.

2005/04/28 00:22:00

For a while now I have been looking for a more interactive ISP. Currently I am with Who are pretty good for what they provide. I have had no problems with what they provide but now I am looking for a little bit more.

So I have taken out an account with You get a virtual server that you can log into, with your own real IP address and everything. So far it looks pretty good. It has very limited memory but seems very fast. I am pretty happy with it.

I started by messing about with what was installed, postfix rather than sendmail etc. but in the end I decided to keep it as standard a possiable and I could do with some more sendmail knowledge anyway. I have installed subversion so that I put some version control into the server configs and also so I can manage my website in a more controlled manor. Email I am going to leave on the server and access either via secure imap when I can or via webmail if I am not at my PC, but all my mail should then be in on place.

Next is onto backup. I only have 10Gb per month limit on bandwidth but I think that with some clever usage of rsync that should not be a problem as it will only be the email that is changing and I can just rsync the whole of /home to my PC at home each night.

In the end I think that I am going to go for a full server with a decent bandwith alloance and also on Debian rather than Fedora, this way I can experiment with things like Hula. But that’s quite a bit more monies so I will have to get a few other poeple involved to help pay for it by then. Might break them in gently with some baisc hosting on this setup, should be pretty simple to setup.

All that remains now is to transfer my domains across from uklinux.

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