A fairly nice cup of coffee.

2005/06/02 10:19:00

I am travelling to Manchester by train today, as I do on a regular basis. It’s a simple journey, getting the tram to the train station then buying a ticket from the machine, a paper or magazine from the newsagent and then a nice cup of coffee from AMT. This morning it was not as simple as usual, as I came out of Smiths, turned the corner to get my nice cup of coffee, I realised that there was something missing. My coffee shop! A couple of weeks ago I signed the petition to save the AMT store but obviously this was not enough and now there is no longer anywhere on the Sheffield station that sells Fairtrade coffee. Well done Midland Mainline. So now I am sitting on the train with a slight twitch thinking about the good old days of a nice steaming hot latte. Perhaps if I were to get up ten minuets earlier I could wander up to Zoobies in town and get one from there in future! This is only bettered by the work canteen in Manchester having a big poster up about how the manager of the catering firm supports Fairtrade and then finding that they do not sell a single Fairtrade product!

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