Broadcasting to the long tail.

2005/06/02 22:52:00

Currently we have a limited number of TV channels, be that 30 or so on Freeview or a 100 or so on Sky, and these are aimed at large groups of people to bring in the largest numbers of subscribers or advertising revenue. These channels are currently going for the large numbers found at the start of the graph of peoples interests against numbers. At the other end of this scale is what is called the long tail where there are a lot of numbers of people but all with quite specilized interests. I can see this area changing quite a lot over the next few years.
Small film makers and even people on the street now have access to not only the camera technology they had before but also an adaptive broadcast medium in the Internet. As bandwidth and codecs improve we are going to see more virtual TV channels appear just as we have seen the likes of blogs and wikis change the way people are starting to get thier news and information. The real revoloution will come when the set-top boxes get smarter and allow them to connect directly to these new channels.
For more background on how this is going to happen then have a look at the annodex website.

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