Are GUI development tools a good thing.

2005/06/13 16:00:00

I use a number of GUI client applications at work that have been created using a single database front end tool. What you end up with is a series of reports and forms based mostly around the database format and getting all the possible information on one page, be that a huge form or a table of results.
In this case what I think has happened is that this tool allows the developers to create a front-end that works for them and is easy to develop for. What is missing is the whole idea that this is an application to server the users and help then get to the information in the back-end of the server. If the developer had started with just a set of GUI tools to create widgets such as buttons, text labels, small tables and a defined way to access the back-end with out some sort of point and click GUI would this make them think about what they were going to do before starting to drag and drop.

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