Jump on the jabber bus.

2005/06/15 14:57:00

I had this simple idea to integrate jabber instant messaging and presence into the desktop. Put jabber information on the local bus, I think d-bus might do it, then any app that wants to handle events can do. A message comes in and it can be handled by your generic IM client, at the same time it can go to the archiving daemon for searching later, it can be piped into the dashboard so that relevant information to your conversation can be brought up in the background. Then we can start to get clever, as we start to use things like PubSub and stored bookmarks. Then we can start to integrate email, sms, bluetooth, and other messaging onto the same bus and before you know it you have an integrated communications bus for apps to tie into.

Note: This item has been added to my “Smashing idea but will never do it” list.

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