Silly Vodafone DRM.

2005/07/12 20:28:00

So Vodafone have locked my phone so that it will not play mp3’s as ringtones unless they have been converted to their DRM blocked versions. There is probably a benefit in this but you can bet that it won’t be for the consumer. Looks to me like they are worried that people might use their own MP3’s as ring tones and not buy theirs. So in the spirit of “I brought the phone so I can do what I like with it.”, below is a script that does this “Conversion”

  echo -ne "--mime_content_boundaryrn" > $output
  echo -ne "Content-Type: audio/mpegrn" >> $output
  echo -ne "Content-Transfer-Encoding: binaryrn" >> $output
  echo -ne "rn" >> $output
  cat $input >> $output
  echo -ne "rn" >> $output
  echo -ne "--mime_content_boundary--rn" >> $output

Ripped from a comment by Twirlip at mobile review.
And I am tempted to make my first but of J2me an app that does just that!

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