My butt is everywhere.

2005/07/15 15:41:00

So another of my photos turns up on a random website. Rising Slowly wrote a small article about the the lack of water in the world, called The reality of drought. I have to agree that we are using too much water and we have to get a bit smarter when we build and update homes and offices. All houses should come with water butts that collect rain water for use not only in the garden but also in the house.

As for my photo, I took a decision to put all my photos under a Creative Commons licence so that anybody could use it as long as they attributed me for taking it and released their work under a similar licence. I figure that none of my photos are really worth paying for. I think that it turned up on a British site about the weather called Rising Slowly, named after a term from the shipping shipping forecast, is just fantastic and is all I could have wished for that photo.

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