Sailing close to the Digital Wind.

2005/07/18 15:40:00

How far can you push the copyright law? I had this idea for a central video server where you and a group of friends with digital TV cards and a network connection all registered. Then you could all select programs to record on the central server which would be distributed to the various peoples PC and then made available using bittorrent or some such P2P server for you to download. This would mean that you did not have to have your PC on while you were on holiday for instance and you could record more than one channel at once, if you get 20 or so then you could record the whole lot!

The only thing that worries me about this is that it’s bound to wind up the TV companies as they are worried about loosing all the cash and so I think may be frowned upon by the courts.

Still with the BBCs recent podcast experiments we can only hope that they will do it for us!

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