Keeping mail in sync.

2005/08/13 14:35:00

I have been moved all my mail service over to servelocity for a while now and with webmail, and serverside spam filtering things are going well.
Next is to sync up all the mail from my local machine to the server and yet again rsync comes to the rescue.

rsync -av -e ssh Maildir remoteserver:

And we are off, all the mail syncing up. But now web broswing and remote access to the server was dog slow because I have ssh with a high priority on my router. So after a quick dig in the man page.

–bwlimit=KBPS limit I/O bandwidth, KBytes per second

Restart the rsync process, and it carries on syncing the diffirences. Sorted! The mail transfer now takes less than half of my outgoing bandwidth and web browsing and remote access are like nothing else is happening. It’s a bit like nice for bandwidth. Now run it using screen and I can log out while it finishes.

I am still learning.

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