Predictive library system.

2005/08/19 14:09:00

I don’t know what new system they have installed at Sheffield library but it’s fantastic, in a sort of Tardis translator sort of way.

Heading out to lunch today I decided to get something to read from the Library and put my mind to thinking what sort of thing to look for. Having seen it pop up on various places recently I decided to look for Save Cash and Save the Planet, thinking that they would probably not have it and I would have to go search for it if they did. Walking into the lobby there is a stand of new books and sitting there on the front was the very book that I wanted. So my question is how do the staff get alerted? Do they just feel the urge to go and put certain books on the stand? How does it cope with ordering books in advance of me thinking of them, has the library opened a small portal in time to get the books on order? If so where would they keep the required mass in order to create the wormhole? In the basement? And I thought that just sorting all the books and info was tricky I did not know they also had to wrestle with space-time and telepathy as well.

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