In town, without my car!

2005/09/21 22:00:00

Tomorrow, 22nd September, is “In town, without my car” day, slightly more serious than the talk like a pirate day mentioned earlier.

Grown Up Green ( Thanks kaff ) has a small artical about some of the impacts of you daily commute which is what brought it up for me. I think that there is also some more info from the department for transport.

I use a mixture of trams, trains and cars for my commutes during the week.
I like the trains because when I get a seat I can get some work done in the hour long trip I take.
I like the tram because I can read the Metro on the way in and a book on the way back.
I like the car because during the school holidays I can cut my commute from 40mins on the tram to a little over 10mins.

I do think that you have to get into the right frame of mind for public transport, pop on your walkman and try not to worry about what time it is and the journey becomes a lot more pleasent. I grant you that if you are stood up in a hot and smelly bus then it’s not so simple but perhaps you could work more flexiable hours and beat the rush.
In the end I think that the only solution will be more home working although that brings it’s own social problems with a lack of contact. Perhaps there could be local offices, that you could walk to and share with other companies. Your company would rent a pod for you and it would have networking, video confrence etc all built in, assuming that you don’t work in a shop or a factory!

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