Been there, done that.

2005/09/23 13:08:00

So you think to yourself, how cool would it be to be able to share you keyboard and mouse between you home pc and your works laptop.

Hmmmm… Bluetooth, mechanical switch?

Nope, somebody is way ahead of you there, just install x2x:

# apt-get install x2x

(You gotta love apt!)

Then run the following from the computer with the keyboard and mouse you want to use.

$ ssh x2x -east -to :0.

Replacing with the hostname or ip address of your computer with out keyboard. This assumes that they are networked and throws in the bonus of wrapping it all up in a nice encrypted connection, you don’t want somebody sniffing your key presses as they get sent across the network! ( Having said that, if they were good enough to get onto your PC and sniff network packets, then decode the X protocol then I doubt it would add much protection!)

Then you just need a sparc classic to stand your laptop on to bring the screen up to a nice height.

If you don’t have a proper OS then you may want to look at x2vnc as well as synergy

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