Take note.

2005/10/12 14:00:00

I have been using Tomboy to take general notes on my laptop for a while now. Recently I decided to try to keep a log of what I have been doing and so I created a dekstop icon that runs the following:

tomboy –new-note `date “+Log-%Y-%m-%d”`

This pops up a note, a new one if it does not exist, that I can add in notes for that day. That makes it a list

Next I suppose it to make a script to publish then onto a weblog at work so that I have a permanent record.

The only thing that is missing is a way to sync from my laptop to my home PC when I get home, at the moment I have to fire up my laptop but perhaps I should bite the bullet and get a usb stick. ( I think that I have a CF to PCMCIA adapter somewhere that might be a neat solution for the laptop.) But sync between the two could be quite tricky. Perhaps looking into Unison, the file syncroniser, again may be in order.

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