Tying your services together.

2005/10/21 16:19:00

So we all have a flickr or 23 account, a del.isio.us or spurl account, a gmail, yahoo!, a bloglines or feedster account, a blogger or homebrew weblog account, some people have a backpack, amazon, myyahoo and $WEBSERVICE account. Each one has it’s own GUI mostly written in Javascript and html, AJAX I think is the current buzzword. But very little of them is integrated. I upload a photo to flickr and I can no longer edit it in the Gimp, I upload a bookmark to spurl and it’s not in my bookmarks.

So I have two solutions, a generic firefox plugin and full on integration into the desktop.

The firefox plugin would integrate all these services into your browser allowing you to cache local copies of the media that you upload, search across all the services, make links between them all and generally put a nice generic GUI on each of them.

The Desktop integration would replace or upgrade the file chooser and desktop storage with online replacements, again cached locally for speed and disconnected operation but essentially spreading you files across the various trusted web services that you have selected for your relevant media.

Each service could expose it’s API and special features in a way that the GUI’s could allow you to do things like make photos public, share a document available to your friends.

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