The first five weeks of the wiggly wigglers podcast.

2005/11/04 00:29:00

Wiggly Wigglers podcast
My rating: 5 out of 5

After my recent mention on Heather’s blog over at wiggly wigglers I thought that it would be a good idea to give some actual feedback on the wiggly wiggler podcasts rather than just a quick link.

Well I have just listened too episode five and so I think they are starting to settle in a bit now. I have to say that I am very impressed with the audio quality of the podcast. I have listend to a lot of so called techy peoples podcasts about how difficuult it is to do and they demonstrate that as well, but the sound quality of the wigglycast is pretty good!

I think that my favorite bit has to be Monty’s wormcast. These are the facts that we need to know! Well done Monty. For instance did you know that worms do not get born but hatch from an egg that is smaller than a grain of rice?

Next up is Farmer Phil. What a facinating insite into a real farmers life. I have to say from a relative towny point of view it is very intersting to hear him talk about everyday life on what sounds like a fine farm. Although they are not organic certified it does sound that they have a good understanding with nature and the benifits of a more natural farming approach.

The remainder of the show is taken up with a good balance of reviews, garden tips, animal facts and general chat. I like the fact that there are some photos that pop up as you are listening to it.

Now to the chocolate scale. It is used to rate books and things that they review and I have to say Heather has it completly wrong. Her list goes along the lines below (The comments are my own):

  1. Milka - Not bad but by no way the best.
  2. Galaxy - What!!!!
  3. Cadburys - Tis the classic and should be higher in this list IMHO.
  4. Nestle - Pretty bad chocolate and I have some problems with nestle and thier ethics, so not on my list.
  5. Hershey’s - Yep! Hercheys is not choclate

So I propose my list (Note: This list is subject to change with warning!):

  1. Green and Blacks - Maya Gold
  2. Montezumas - Dark,
  3. Green and Blacks - Fruit and nut
  4. Cadburys - Diary milk (It is a classic)
  5. Hershey’s

Looking back over the last five years or so it’s amazing how much my taste has changed. I always liked a bit of bournville but now I much prefer a good dark chocolate.

Heather did ask if people were all using iTunes to download their podcasts, well I am afraid that the geek in my could not resist the simplisity of bashpodder for my listening pleasure and it has serverd me well. Not for the average user though I think so you may want to give ipodder or ipodderX a go. I suppose that the problem is that it does not give them any stats on the iTunes chart!

Also is that you playing the piano Heather?

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